What's New
  • You will now get a message when the program starts informing you of cases that have not been modified for more than 30 days
  • You will be able to view these cases from the menu at any time.
  • You will now be able to view cases that have been created from a starting date to another date.

  • The help file has been updated
  • Report for cases not modified for more than 30 days now excludes cases that are closed

  • Hearing date has been added to case details input form
  • Hearing date is now reported on the Level Change Report
  • In the Query report, you are now able to doubleclick on a selected item and you will be taken directly to the associated screen
  • Member List Report now includes active case number (if open)

  • A private comments section has been added that will not show on any reports

  • You are now able to set number of days between expected level changes
  • When you start the program, a warning will be displayed notifying you a level change is expected.
  • You can view and print a level change expected report.

  • Minimum Hardware System Requirements
  • A Pentium computer or higher
  • 128 Mb RAM memory
  • Approximately 500 Mb of hard-disk free spaces
  • Monitor resolution 800 X 600
  • A configured printer
  • CD ROM
  • Scanner for scanning documents

  • Minimum Software System Requirements
    Windows 98 (Y2K Update 2 and IE 4.01 SP2+)
    Windows ME
    Windows XP
    Windows 2000
    Windows NT WorkStation (SP5+ and IE 4.01 SP2+)
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